Malark Greycastle

Human Bard


Race: Human
Class: Bard
Deity: Atheist
Stats: Charisma, Dexterity
Age: 47
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Speed: 30 ft.
Languages: Common, Goblin
Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons; Crossbow, Hand; Longsword; Rapier; Shortsword
Tools: Dice Set (2); Drum (2); Horn (2); Land Vehicles (2); Lute (+2)
Saving Throws: Charisma and Dexterity
Background: Soldier
Feature: Officer

I still hold loyalties and respect from my former Monarch as well as my men. They were bloodied with me and have my utmost respect. Since I am ex-military I can obtain simple equipment or a mount for temporary use. I can also obtain access to local friendly military encampments and forts where I am recognized

Personality Trait (Experience) – My military experience has left me full of inspiring and cautionary tales that are relevant to almost every combat situation
Personality Trait (Memories) – I went to war for my realm and have since been haunted by those memories.
Ideal – Independence – Tyranny is embraced when people follow orders blindly (Chaotic)
Bond – Served with – I served with people who I would still lay down my life for.
Flaw – Respect – I hold No respect for those that have not proven themselves in battle.


Malark was born in Rekkenmark, Karrnath. During his life he was married and had three children. He took up service in the military, where he served Kamrin Sinadar. He had no specialty for any job or artistry. While serving in the military he started to learn he had a proficiency for inspiring those around him and he was extremely lucky in battle.

He learned there is power in words as well as songs. He found out he could weave a “spell” of sorts. He started using this knowledge to help him and his men win battle after battle. As he got more proficient with his battle hymns and chants, he gained reputation that allowed him to climb the ranks in his unit. Eventually, he was leading his unit from the front with his battle hymns and chants. He had overheard his men talking to another unit about how they felt at ease and how they could do ‘anything’ as long as they were within earshot of Malark. He eventually became a General and was extremely successful in any campaign. So much so that his unit was chosen for the more difficult tasks more often than not. That garnered him a reputation as well, good and bad. He led so many campaigns for Kamrin Sinadar, that rivaling nobles knew when Malark’s Unit was sent out in a specific direction, to avoid them at all cost. This is what eventually led to why Malark was in Passage.

His success in all his campaigns could not prepare him for when he would return home to find his village empty. Him and his comrades searched the entirety of the village to no avail. There was signs of battle but there was no wounded or corpses. They found that their possessions were left uninterrupted. He went to Kamrin Sinadar demanding answers, only to get none. He retired from the military and set off on his own to find any information that would lead him to finding his family.

Malark Greycastle

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