The Relic Hunters

What Happened to Korag and Booyah? Part Two
or... Continuing on in the Manor

Continuing Through the Manor

Room after room, the voices growing louder and louder; the party begins to think they’ve just fallen into an elaborate trap. There are no signs of Korag or Booyah. They continue to wander into rooms with slamming doors and odd objects. One room has a scared, womanly voice begging them to get out, with the same voice Kat had heard telling them loudly, “If you go in this room, you will surely die. Please, do go in…” In another room, which turns out to be a closet, they find nothing, but Hahn enters only to disappear from the group. Vanishing into thin air, the group quickly starts to yell out for him. “I’m fine! What are you talking about?” Hahn answers. As it turns out, he hasn’t vanished, only turned invisible from the party. He steps out of the closet, assuming that he’d return to his visual self, but to no avail. The group stays in communication with Hahn as they continue to wander through the hallways.

They come upon a bathroom. It’s dirty, moldy, and flooding. There is rain pouring from the ceiling, which has caused all kinds of moss, algae and mold to breed within. After determining that there is nothing abnormal about the greenery in the room, Hahn searches and finds yet another skull in the water-filled bathtub. Not wanting to cause any more problems than the group has already found this evening, Malark again uses his Mage Hand to collect the skull. It seems like they might be able to walk out of this room unscathed, but then… a small frog hops out of the tub. At least, it appeared quite small, before growing, and growing and becoming a Voracious Toad. It catches Malark with his tongue… and swallows him whole. From just outside the room, Rissa curses loudly. “Why must everyone go into these rooms?!” she proclaims. Hahn and Kat attack the toad, and kill it in two blows. Cutting the toad open, the party is relieved to find Malark alive and not worse for wear other than a strong stink coming from him.

Attached to the bathroom is a rather large closet, filled with beautiful wizardly cloaks. Unlike everything else in this place, the robes look well kempt, lightly worn, and very costly. These are valuable to someone, and perhaps this wizard is what is causing all of the chaos? Perhaps this is the one creating noises and voices and causing doors to slam into their faces? In a moment of rage, Kat pulls out her rapier and threatens to “kill these robes!” hoping to provoke the one who owns them. Instead, Kat turns her rapier towards Hahn and is mere centimeters from thrusting her weapon into his belly. Hahn, in turn, threatens to stab Kat with his rapier as well. Rissa feels the deepest desire to chop off Malark’s head with her battle axe. As each member of the party is staring down another, the tension is high and palpable. Malark turns his weapon on Hahn and actually stabs him, though pulls back before doing any severe damage.

The small wound to Hahn awakens the party from whatever compulsions they were fighting against. Thankfully, no other damage was dealt and the group rushes out of the room before they can be tempted to turn on one another again.

They finally reach the master bedroom. The room is well-lit, with a large bed, dresser and chairs, like any normal bedroom. However, on the dresser sits a glass sphere with a glowing inferno within. Above the bed is a painting of an elven and goblin battle scene. There is also the final skull they need to complete the collection of eight. Malark tries to use his Mage Hand again, but this time, it cannot pick up the skull. Again, the voice is egging on the party: “Your friends will be dead once the ritual is completed.” This is the first acknowledgement that someone does in fact have Korag and Booyah, or, at least someone is being held prisoner within this place. Everyone hears this voice; it’s not a random whisper in an ear, or a small moaning voice in the corner. This is a voice of authority, loud and assured. “I can’t wait to kill you all…” he says. Kat begins to argue loudly with the voice; she will not be dying this evening, nor will her companions. The voice just laughs, as if there is nothing that can be done to stop what has already begun. Malark goes over to the dresser and retrieves the skull, tempted to grab the inferno within the glass sphere, but decides it best to leave it be. They then notice a trap door in the ceiling, there is no magic within this door that they can detect, and Kat is lifted by Malark, for surely she can pick the lock.

However… she can’t open it. No matter how hard she tries, using every secret of the trade that she’s learned over many years of practice and study, the lock will not budge for her. Defeated, embarrassed, and deflated, Kat lowers herself and goes to stand back by the hall. She has had enough, and if she cannot pick this damned lock, what is her worth as a rogue? Rissa attempts to break the door with her axe, but even that won’t do the trick.

So instead, the group decides to complete their initial mission within the manor: the phases of the moon cycle. Knowing full well that they might actually be helping to complete the ritual the voice had spoken of, the group sees no other choice but to head back down to the dining room. Their trip back has no secrets, no mysteries, no voices nor whispers. There are no traps to dissemble, no butterflies, rats or large toads to fight. This, if anything, seems to assure the group that completing the moon cycle might ensure the death of their comrades, but what other choice is there to be made?

They arrive in the dining room, and place the skulls in their appropriate places around the table. Once the final skull is placed, the painting on the wall, the one of the moon starts to turn and move as if some invisible hand is repainting it before their eyes. The painting stops on the black new moon, with a small hole in the center. Kat reaches in and finds a small silver key and knows that this key will open that trap door in the master bedroom.

Rushing back up the stairs, again the group has no issues nor comes across any strange happenings. They make it back to the bedroom unscathed. Sure enough, the key fits into the lock of the trap door, and they help one another up into an attic. As they walk further into the attic, they find many strange objects. There are stone cuneiform artifacts along one wall, strange books on desks portraying hellish creatures, small spherical dodecahedrons littering the floor along with bottles of all shapes and sizes, their contents unknown. It’s as if they’ve entered a museum of the marvelous and strange. As they are momentarily distracted by the wonders about them, they start to feel… odd. While Malark loses some of his constitution, feeling as if his body has turned into fluid, the rest of the party shakes off these feelings of loss, confusion, death maybe?

Eeeeeeh heee heee heee heee!!!! A screeching sound comes from above them and they see a tiny little imp flying about. An imp, for crying out loud: those stupid little creatures that cause such trouble. Before the imp even gets a chance to speak, Kat starts throwing daggers and Hahn starts shooting arrows. With hardly any trouble at all, the imp falls to the floor, dead. Again, stupid little creatures and the trouble they cause… hardly difficult to kill though. Kat breathes a sigh of relief. Surely this was just a stupid imp, nothing more, who was able to trick Korag and Booyah and has them tied up somewhere in the adjoining room. Surely there can’t be more to this stupid place they’ve been dealing with for the entire day. A wasted day, for sure. They could have made it to Mawcrag castle by this point if they weren’t out searching through an imp’s playhouse. Maybe Kat could teach Korag on how to better defend himself against the imp race when they had the time to——

“Come in! Come in!” an excited voice yells from the other room. Kat is pulled out of her daydream about stupid imps and follows the group into the next room. “Come in and get ready to die!” Inside of the room is a wizard, standing atop a pedestal, in beautiful robes like the ones they found in the closet. In front of the wizard on both sides of him are two stone tables. On each table lie Korag and Booyah, bound tightly against the stone. “You may kill them,” the wizard demands, and two demons walk out of the shadows, looking greedily at the party.

Fire… Fire…. Fire. From every direction a fireball comes flying out towards the party, and the wizard dives two knives into the hearts of Korag and Booyah. The flames are too vast, the armor too insufficient to fight off such a blaze, there is no stopping death this time as Rissa, Hahn, Malark and Kat all fall, burning quickly into ash.

Not one of them is left alive and the wizard and demons cackle. The ritual is complete and the door to hell begins to open. Demons come pouring out into the world, and there is no one there to stop it. The medallions will not be returned to Passage. There will no longer be a Passage as it was once known. No more Aundair… no more Khorvair. Only hell will be known on this earth for the remainder of all history. There will be no revenge, no one will find their families, no one will be able to prove themselves, and no one will become heroes in this tale…



The night is still. No surprises, nothing lurking in the woods outside. Korag is keeping watch, as he should be, looking out the window in case a zombie or twig blight, maybe even the dragon decides to go on an evening hunt.

All is quiet until: Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!! Hahn shoots up and looks around. He sees Korag staring at him with wide eyes. The scream wakes up Malark, Rissa, Kat and Booyah as well.

A dream. It was all… a dream? As Hahn starts to explain this nightmare, yellow gemstones begin to appear and gently fall into each of the members’ hands. It’s the same yellow gemstone from the dream, which was in the jar with the butterflies. But… if this was a dream, where did these gemstones come from? Why does everyone have one, but only Hahn had the dream? What does it all mean?


What Happened to Korag and Booyah? Part One
or... "The Gary Factor"

The night is still, all is calm. Hahn wakes up for his turn to take watch. It’s a very foggy early morning, hard to see very far in the distance. There may be another hour or two for Korag to get some sleep from his part of the watch…

Korag… where is he? Hahn looks around the camp, the party is sleeping soundly, nothing to note, except for Korag. And…Booyah. Hahn wakes up the group. “Korag and Booyah aren’t here,” Hahn tells them. They all start up. Booyah running off wouldn’t be surprising after what Cauf pulled the other night, but even so, he seemed so keen to stay and prove himself to them. Korag, however, he would not have just left them. He was too honorable, a military man, he wouldn’t just leave… would he?

Hahn starts to look around the camp and notices some tracks leading out from the camp, definitely humanoid tracks. The group gets their belongings and follows Hahn following the tracks. They lead through some woody areas, out of the town of Thunder Leaf, no signs of a dragon, zombies or twig blights. If it weren’t for the missing member of their party, it would seem that good fortune was looking down on them this early morning.

Hahn follows the tracks into a clearing, and the party sees a large, three story manor house sitting behind a large stone wall. Manor and wall alike covered with ivy. Other than a murder of crows sitting atop the wall, the place looks abandoned and there are no signs of life. But that’s where the tracks lead them to, inside the gate, up to the ornate double door entry way. The doors are covered with ancient looking runes, and aren’t covered in ivy like the rest of the house. Could this be arcana protecting the entrance to this once grand house? Or are these just decorative doors? Malark casts his Mage Hand to open the door, but it will not budge. As Kat goes up to attempt to pick the lock, the door slowly opens before she even touches it.

As the group steps inside the house, they see a long hallway with multiple doors, and a large staircase to the right. Before they get too far in—BANG! BANG! BANG! coming from the doorway under the stairs. Hahn goes to open the door, and it slams back shut. After many unsuccessful tries, Hahn finally gets the door to open and he finds a human skull sitting on the floor of this small closet. Malark notices a mark on the skull that represents the waxing crescent of the moon carved into the forehead. As there is nothing else to note, Malark puts the skull in his backpack. They do not yet know if or why they would need this skull, but better to hold on to it in case they do.  

Malark and Kat agree to continue to check the next room in the hallway, as they step inside the room, the door slams shut with them inside. Kat goes to open the door, and to her surprise, it opens right back up. Kat notices a small needle trap in the door and dissembles it before anyone in the party can be attacked. They walk into a parlour room, complete with ornate furnishings, a beautiful vase, and an unfinished chess game. The door slams shut on the party again, and this time, with all party members inside the room, the door will not open. Malark stares at the chess board, “We can finish the game,” he suggests. Easily enough, he makes one move to check mate. Almost simultaneously, small cigarette boxes come flying off of the desk and one hits Rissa on her forehead. Rissa, visibly uncomfortable beforehand in this house now looks angry. However, also at the same time as the cigarette boxes flying, the check mate causes a small drawer in the desk to open. Again, they find another skull, with another carving of a phase of the moon. Upon determining there is nothing else to find in this room, the party continues on across the hall.

Again, the door starts to open and then begins to slam shut, stopping just before hitting Malark in the face.  Maybe the doors are operated or attached to some device they cannot see, or maybe there is arcana in this place after all. Before the group can enter the room, Kat hears a voice whisper in her ear: “You will DIE tonight.” Aware of Rissa to her right, Kat swings her rapier above Rissa’s head and says aloud, “I shall not!” Realizing that there is no one else in the hall, other than her companions, who are now looking at her like she has been possessed, Kat put her rapier back in the scabbard, and asked the group if they heard the voice as well. Of course no one else did, but she swears they are now being watched by someone, possibly the owner of the manor?

They continue on and get the door open to the next room. They find a traditional dining room. Not so traditional are the eight chairs around the table with eight skeletons sans heads sitting in them. Each place setting has a large dome cover over the plates, with one skull underneath one of the domes. Again, there is a carving of a moon cycle in the forehead of this skull, and there is a large painting of a full moon on the wall. At this point the group determines that they must need to find the remaining skulls to complete the sequence of the place settings.

As they continue to examine the room, they notice a door on one side and decide to continue searching within. This room, a pantry, contains six statues of large rats, approximately three feet high apiece. As Kat, Malark and Hahn enter the room (with Rissa standing just outside the doorway), the six rats come to life, and the three are equally and simultaneously turned to stone. Rissa sighs, “Dammit! This is why you don’t just go running into rooms in a haunted house!!!!” Although whether or not she is heard is anyone’s guess, as the other three cannot move, cannot speak, and cannot express emotion. The rats run towards Rissa, and she is able to kill two of them before the other three come back to life. “Get out of this room!” Malark yells to them. As Kat and Hahn rush out of the room, Malark begins to craft what looks like a gloomy, rolling cloud from his hands. Once they are in the clear, a thunderous wave emits from Malark’s hands, hitting the rats, and he backs out of the room before he can again be turned to stone. The remaining rats follow out of the room, no one or thing becoming stone now, and the party continues to attack. Malark successfully cuts one down, followed by Malark and Rissa. With all the rats dead, the party starts to slowly breathe normally again. “What kind of a place is this?” Hahn wonders aloud. “It’s a HAUNTED HOUSE!!!” Rissa screamed, not impatiently. She was obviously rattled, and it wasn’t going to take some statue rats to rattle the dwarf. This place made her uneasy, and she wasn’t her usual self, willing to rush into battle at a moment’s notice.

Again, the party continues down the hall and checks the next room. Rissa, again, decides to stay out in the hall. “Let the bard go in,” she declares. This room is a collector room. Filled with mounted butterflies on all of the walls, it seems a lepidopterist’s dream. There are also three live butterflies, flying around in a large, clear jar on the desk in the middle of the room. At the bottom of the jar lies a glowing yellow gemstone, a beautiful gem which brightens the room. Malark opens the jar, and tries to catch one of the butterflies with his mage hand to no avail. Kat reaches in the jar and grabs the gemstone. Whether it is the opening of the jar or taking the gemstone isn’t clear; however, the dead, mounted butterflies start flapping their wings. A small fluttering noise turns into a larger and larger beating of wings as the mounted butterflies start to fly off the wall. The three butterflies from the jar start growing and then start attacking the group. The smaller butterflies that came off of their wall mounts are not only causing chaos, but are so fluid and fluttering so quickly that they almost blind the members of the party. While the four attack and defend one another from these ridiculously large butterflies, Malark lets out a cry and goes down. Rissa, however afraid (can she even be afraid?) she might be, rushes over to stabilize him. During the confusion, Kat swings at one of the massive butterflies, only to swing the butt of her rapier into the back of Hahn’s head. Malark, angry at near death by butterfly attack, starts insulting and cursing one of them. It must confuse the butterfly just enough, for Rissa rushes in and slices it in two with her battle axe. Kat, recovered from hitting Hahn, swings her rapier back around and skewers one on the edge of her weapon.

With one large butterfly, and hundreds of small ones to go, Malark tries again to insult the one remaining, but to no avail. Kat tries to succeed a second time in killing one of the other large bugs, but misses the body, her rapier getting stuck in the wing. As she quickly pulls it out in hopes of making another attack, she is blinded by the horde of small winged creatures, and instead lightly slices herself in her neck. The butterfly retaliates and knocks Kat unconscious with the wing she tried to attack. Despite Hahn rushing over to help Kat regain consciousness, Kat stays on the floor, constantly throwing daggers at the remaining butterfly. Malark, in the same way as Kat: recently healed from nearly deathly butterfly attacks, stands up in an attempt to strike the final one down. However, he also seriously misjudges his strength, or current weakness, and hits Rissa in the back. Finally, Hahn hits the final butterfly monster with an arrow, and the remaining regular sized butterflies all fall down, as stiff and dead as when the group entered the room. Believing that the group has defeated any known opponent that this particular room has to offer, they decide to take a short rest, nearly having lost two more of their party.

The group continues down to the final door of the hallway. Within, they find the kitchen: tables, clay jars on multiple shelves, a large fireplace and another door adorn this room. On the center table lies a wooden bowl with three apples, one red, one blue and one yellow. There’s a stairwell that leads up to the second floor as well as a door to the left of the fireplace. Malark again uses his Mage Hand to grab the apples. Nothing happens to his hand, but as he reaches out and grabs them, he starts turning the colors of the apples; first red, then blue, then yellow. Despite his change of appearance, nothing else happens to Malark, and so he throws all three into his backpack; and thus, becomes a tri-colored Malark, turning all three shades upon different areas of his body. Seeing no damage to their comrade, Kat and Hahn sneak into the kitchen to check out the extra door that they assume is a pantry. It is pitch black in this room, so dark that not even Hahn with his dark vision can see within it. As the two slowly attempt to look around, the various pots and pans in the room start to visibly shake. Kat and Hahn notice in time to rush out of the room, before said pots and pans begin to fly across the room. Malark calls upon his Mage Hand another time, and sends it into the pantry, feeling around for anything that could be of use. Successfully, the Hand finds yet another skull and the party is keen to continue moving on. However, Malark sends the Hand back into the pantry, just in case they missed anything of importance. Again, the hand comes back unscathed, this time with a jar of preserves. One last time, Malark sends the Hand in; one last time, to check to see if anything was not discovered that they might need. The Hand comes back empty, but it is followed by a skeleton. Thankfully, Hahn reacts quickly with his bow and arrow, and hits the skeleton right in the neck, popping its skull off of its body.

Continuing on the search for their friends, the party decides to stay out of the kitchen, too many knives that could decide to fly at them at any given moment, and go back to the first staircase they saw in the main hallway. Kat notices a trap a few steps up, and instructs the party to skip over this step to prevent possible harm. At the top of the stairs is yet another long hallway with a door at the end and two other hallways that seem to branch off. Kat sneaks down to the first hallway, searching for traps along the way. As quickly as Kat steps into the hallway, a gust of wind pushes down the main hall, but she easily finds the lever to stop it.

They move along to the first room, and Kat opens the door. It appears to be a type of guest bedroom, with a small bed, and yet a very fine, ornate chest. Kat decides to go in to check it out, and as she walks up to the chest, she gets disoriented and trips, standing up to see a large wooden wall in front of her. As she stares at the wall, she hears these loud, almost ginormous voices calling to her. Hahn, Malark and Rissa watch her walk towards the chest, and all see her shrink down to the size of a small bug! As Kat realizes she’s shrunk down to the size of an ant, she turns back to the wooden wall, well… the chest, and a very large centipede comes running out from under it. Although it’s a normal, small looking centipede to the rest of the group, to Kat it’s the size of a large horse with a hundred legs. Not one to shy away from any fight, Kat readies the attack on the creature, but the centipede bites back and poisons Kat with its pincers. Hahn rushes into the room, hoping he can just step on the centipede to rid Kat of this needless battle, but he also shrinks down to Kat’s current size. He fights alongside Kat, gets his rapier stuck in one of the hundreds of legs of the bug and they are both saved by Malark and Rissa, throwing their axes and bolts at it until it dies. Hahn runs back out of the room, and regains his size. However, Kat knows that they need to know what lies in the chest. It could be another skull, and apparently, that is what they need to help them find Korag and Booyah. She quickly climbs up the chest and pokes her tiny head into the keyhole. She does see the skull, but it’s a normal size, not as small as she. She climbs back down the chest and scurries back across the room, growing back to her normal height. Hahn and Rissa decide to tie their two ropes together and lasso the chest, slowly pulling it towards them in the doorway. They get the chest to the door, and pull out the skull, along with some gold pieces that were hiding beneath it.

The group continues on down the hall, not knowing what they might find next…

Thunder Leaf
Or, Beware the Plant Monsters, and Zombies, and Spiders, and masked/cloaked men, Oh the don't forget the dragon!

Back on the road, the party (well, Korag and Malark) proceeded to exclaim and remark on the additions to their bodies. At one point, Malark called Korag’s a “boob chandelier” which brought laughter from Korag and Hahn and a slight chuckle from Kat, whereas Rissa seemed unimpressed with his analogy. While boob-chandeliers and dragon marks were a high topic of conversation, the group also used this time to question Booyah. “Tell us about this castle, Booyah”, Kat said. As Booyah described this “castle”, they learned it was more likely to be called “ruins” to those accustomed to what castles actually are. It was run by King Grohl, and heavily guarded by goblins and hobgoblins. “The gobs say Grohl has a wolf pet, too!” Booyah explained, “and probly lots of traps… King Grohl would have lots of traps.” Booyah continues to guide the party, back to Mawcrag cave, and onwards towards this “castle”.

Of course, the way there wasn’t going to be easy. There was no “direct route”, and the party had to travel through dense, thick woods. Along the way, the party was attacked by “nassy, nassy sturges” (Booyah’s description of course). These mosquito/bat-like creatures have long needle noses that they stick into their prey. Overall, the party killed eight of them and Booyah even helped take one down. “See?! Booyah good ranger!” he proclaimed for not the first, and certainly not the last time.

As they continue on, they come across an old town. A dilapidated area, for sure, the small city seems to be abandoned. They notice a sign: “DANGER: Plant Monsters and Zombies” and Kat starts to giggle at the thought of plant monsters.  Another sign: “THUNDER LEAF”. The group has a discussion about whether to go around, just in case there is more trouble in this Thunder Leaf than they care to find. As they are standing outside the city, they notice a small, green-ish blur rise up from one of the buildings. The small blur opens its wings and starts to fly away… a small dragon. The group is more determined than ever to find a way around this Thunder Leaf, but Booyah tells the group that this is the only way, unless they want to travel for longer days and nights around the city. It is apparent that Booyah knows no other way to Mawcrag Castle, so the group urges on into Thunder Leaf. As they walk through the city, Hahn and Kat slightly ahead to stealthily check the buildings and corners, they notice an old tavern. Hahn looks inside and sees a body lying on a table. Malark checks down an old path, and tiny twig-like creatures start to walk up to him. Assuming these are part of the “plant monsters” that the sign had warned about, Malark alerts the group. While these small twig blights can do more damage than one would assume, Malark strongly cuts them down, along with the help of Rissa, Korag and Kat.

Hahn, however, stays close to the building with the dead body inside. And, sure enough, the body is no longer lying on the table, but coming towards Hahn through the now-open door. While Hahn holds his own, another zombie comes from across the room towards the doorway. Korag arrives in time to cast a shining light upon the zombies, and the one on the other side of the room turns and starts walking away. For some reason, the zombie in the doorway doesn’t seemed phased by Korag’s spell, and continues to attack Hahn and now Korag. Rissa helps in the fight, while Kat goes to a nearby window to see if she can find any other zombies to surprise. As she busts a window, she proclaims to the party that there are two more zombies walking around the room, one walking towards her at the window. Malark rushes over after defeating the twig blights, and emits a radiant burst, causing the zombie in the doorway to crumble into dust. While Rissa and Hahn are busy fighting one zombie, and Kat is busy distracting one through the window, Malark rushes into the building and kicks down the door between the front room and the room that the other two zombies were in, causing the attention of the zombie at the window to turn towards him. Rissa, frustrated that they are dealing with the undead in this moment, goes into a rage, cutting the zombie in front of her in half. Korag raises his shield, channeling his god, and a flame emits from it, with no results. Rissa joins Malark in the extra room, still in her rage, and hits one zombie so hard, all that remains are splotches of dead skin and guts splattered against a wall.

The party doesn’t even have a moment to rest before they hear a voice: “Follow me! What are you doing here?! It is very dangerous, follow me!” They turn and see an old man, motioning in his direction. Of course the group is on edge, but they determine if they can take out multiple twig blights and zombies in such a short time frame, they should be able to dispatch of this old man if they need to. He takes them to a house that appears to be in much better condition than the rest of the decaying town.

He tells them his name is Ridoth, a traveling druid who seeks to keep harmony between nature and civilization. He has been visiting Thunder Leaf for over six years, and each time he comes, the place is more overrun with zombies, twig blights, and spiders. “Why are you here?” he asks, “it is so dangerous, there are too many spiders, and twig blights, not to mention those retched zombies, and now there are people running around in black masks and cloaks. I don’t want to know what they’re up to! But that isn’t even the worst part! There’s a small dragon that has taken up in the watch tower. You can’t be seen by him, he will not give mercy!” The group acknowledges that they have seen the dragon, but luckily, it didn’t see them. Thankfully, Ridoth seems to have their best interest in mind, even though he’d rather they go back and not continue on through the city, he sees that they are set on their journey, and shows them the best way to get to Mawcrag castle. As Booyah had explained, they must continue on their path to avoid unnecessary terrain and territory. The party is thankful to Ridoth for his information and he allows them to rest for a short time before continuing on.

As the party walks down the decrepit streets, they come across large spider webs blocking their path. Hahn shoots a fiery arrow into the webs, and two large spiders come crawling out of one of the buildings. Kat kicks off of a building and jumps over the spiders, however, she is quickly pushed into the webs by one of the spiders’ back legs and is restrained in a web. Before the rest of the party can act, one spider bites Hahn, causing poison to run through his veins. Seeing the help his friends need, Korag again reaches out to his god and blesses Rissa, kat and Hahn. Booyah, keen to prove himself, shoots a spider with an arrow, and Hahn finishes the spider off with his rapier. Rissa decides to dispatch the final spider, and lays into him with her battle-axe, two handed. However, the spider doesn’t fall and attacks Rissa back so ferociously that she almost falls. Korag is quick to the scene, however, and heals Rissa so she can continue with her fight. So angry at the bite she received, she rears back to hit the spider with her axe, only to swing too far back and she nicks herself in her own buttocks. Hahn, almost following in Rissa’s footsteps, starts to fire another arrow at the remaining spider, but his bowstring snaps and the arrow swooshes by Rissa’s ear, barely missing. There must have been something in the air, because Korag again casts his sacred flame from his shield, and it nearly misses Booyah before flying off in the wrong direction. Finally, the party dispatches of the final spider, tired and ready to sleep for the night.

Kat sneaks into a building in search of a place to stay, and finds a cocoon the size of a human in the corner. The party follows, and Malark slices the cocoon open, only to find the armor of the being who had found their final resting place among the spiders. They also find a short sword, healing potion, and coins that they split amongst themselves.

Once deeming the place safe enough, the party takes the necessary precautions and rests for the evening, knowing they have a dragon to avoid the next day…

The Night in Dalinphar
Or, The Newly Marked

Korag, Hahn and Malark had stayed outside of the small village that evening. Mostly to keep watch over the goblins, and Hahn was more comfortable out in the wooded areas anyways. Plus, they had to keep each other, and Rissa, from killing their new companions. Hah, Rissa would NOT be happy if she heard them called their “companions”. But Kat was pretty adamant about not killing them. They had given them valuable information and Booyah even helped them in their final fight in the cave. It just didn’t make sense to kill them when they could still get valuable information about their next leg of the journey.

The men took watch in turns, with Hahn starting for the evening. The night was peaceful, especially for Hahn. It seemed like mere minutes when it was time for Malark’s watch, but Hahn knew he needed to rest. The peaceful night didn’t last, of course. As Malark was turning to get Korag up for his stint of the watch, he saw something running out of the corner of his eye. He raised up his sword, ready to attack and alert the others, but then he saw it was Cauf. Well, more of Cauf’s rear-end hightailing it out of there. He pointed his sword at Booyah. “No! No hurt Booyah! Booyah not run! Booyah stay here, he fight, he good ranger!” At the noise of the little goblin, Hahn and Korag awake. “He say he scared! He miss family and wants to find home, if he even have any home left!” Korag pries a little more: “What home? And what about you? You didn’t want to check to see if your family was safe as well?” Booyah sighs, a deep, sad sigh, “Booyah have no more family. Klarg kill all family. Klarg burn home and tribe. No tribe left for Booyah. But… but Cauf still has hope for his tribe. Maybe they survive Klarg and his burning?” He looked up with his desperate goblin eyes, “Booyah no leave you. Booyah help you! Booyah good ranger!”

The rest of the night passes without incident. In the morning, Malark starts to feel a burning on his upper right chest. He looks down his shirt and startles. Korag, almost simultaneously feels a tingling pain on his upper abdomen. They look at one another. Korag raises his shirt, “Do you see this?!” he exclaims to Malark. “I have one, too!” Malark says proudly lifting his shirt as well. Hahn walks over, and is not impressed with this less than manly display of flashing one another their bare chests… except, they aren’t bare. They’re dragon-marked. Both of them. But why—? How—-? He doesn’t join in the show-and-tell. Korag is talking excitedly about these marks, showing his vast knowledge of the Twelve Houses and their respective Dragon Marks. Although… well… Korag and Malark both had aberrant dragon marks. It wasn’t necessarily a terrible thing, there were many among the aberrant dragon marked, but still… the Houses were proud of their individual marks, and having an aberrant one was still looked down upon in many places. At least they were easily hidden beneath clothing if it ever came to having to worry about it. Surely, this boded well for their adventure, right? Surely…

Over and over again… those words. Kat doubted she’d ever forget them. What was going on in Rissa’s sleeping mind? Surely, it was none of Kat’s business, but it didn’t make her any less curious to know. For Tymora’s sake, she’d been repeating the same phrase over and over again all night like a ritual, or probably more like a curse. It’s not as if Kat knew everything about the dwarf, to be true, she hardly knew anything about her other than her huge disdain for goblins, and her probable slight disdain for the party after keeping the two alive after their fight in the cave. Oh well, Rissa could kill them later when no one was watching if she was that torn up about it. Kat laid back down, pillow over half her ear, facing the wall. Maybe she could fall back asleep and use Rissa’s words as a lullaby…

A burning pain shot down Kat’s right thigh, almost like it was being seared. She almost screamed, but stopped herself and opened her eyes. She was still facing the wall, in the inn, Rissa still talking on the other bed. Kat looked down at her leg and saw it. What the—- Why would there be—- But her mother—- No, she was dreaming. Just like Rissa. No big deal, nothing to worry about. She rolled over, ready to get the day started, and hurried putting her pants on before Rissa woke. She sat down on the bed and started to get her boots on when –

Rissa shot up straight like an arrow. A dream, always a dream. Well, not always, but nowadays it seemed she was constantly dreaming. She could usually recall many details of her dreams… but this time, well, she just couldn’t. No details, no vivid imagery, no monsters even. But she knew she had to be dreaming. She looked across the room at a wide-eyed Kat. “Was I snoring?” she asked. Kat looked visibly uncomfortable. “Um… yeah. Yeah, you were,” she replied, “I guess it’s true what they say about dwarves and their snoring, ha…ha…?” Rissa didn’t know what they said about dwarves and their snoring, and she didn’t really care. “Oh, yeah, sorry about that.” Kat looked amused now, “Oh no, it was fine, no big deal.” Kat got up to start packing her clothes up. She heard a soft, surprised noise coming from Rissa’s side of the room. Did… did she have one, also? Surely not. Kat slowly turned around, “So umm… have you noticed anything unusual about yourself this morning?” Rissa looked at her like she was crazy. Well, she was, but crazier than usual she supposed. “No, why?” she answered, a little too quickly for Kat’s liking. But she guessed it really wasn’t her business either way, why try to become too close with someone you’d just met a few days ago. “No reason… just, uh, think I got a rash, probably from all the woods and stuff, ya know,” she explained. Rissa looked down, at her leg?, it was too fast to really tell, and back up at Kat, “Yeah, the woods…”

Groaning “They saved me, Harbin. I tell you, if it weren’t for that group, I’d be dead in that Goblin cave. They got them all, how they got Krag so easily, I’ll never know… but you won’t have trouble with goblins from that cave anymore, at least, not anytime soon. There weren’t any left to tell those up at their “castle”, Sildar said. “I see,” remarked Harbin Wester, townmaster of the young township, Dalinphan. “Well then, we should reward these adventurers! Let them know how grateful we are. Yes, it would be good for our people to know they are safe.” Sildar nodded in agreement, groggily. “Now, you keep resting up, Sildar. We can’t send you back to Passage until you’re fully healed up.” Sildar was back asleep before he even heard his name.

When the party reconvened with Wester, he gave them two hundred gold pieces to thank them for their work in the cave. Though not expecting a reward, the group did not deny his generosity. He also guided them to Sister Garaele at the Shrine of Luck, where they received potions of health to take with them on their journey.

And Now... The Adventure Begins
or... A Nice Little Visit to Mawcrag Cave

17 Therendor, 1021 YK

As the party continues on, they encounter no more than sticks and woods, trails and prints in the mud. Hahn, able to track quite well, is able to lead the party in the right direction. After a few more hours, they notice a body.

Everyone is on high alert. This could be an ambush, this could be someone lying in wait for the next group wandering through the land, this could be downright nothing. Whatever their viewpoints, the group decides that Hahn and Kat should sneak up, to take a closer look. Kat immediately recognizes the body as Brundel Reeves, one of the members of the Passage Museum Security. There is no love lost here, but it still bothers her that one of her own got taken down so quickly. Taking another glance around, they notice not another, but two more bodies in the grass, separated by a few meters. Kat and Hahn carefully work their way towards them, and recognize the description of Lyla "Nimblefingers" Krandall herself, along with an unknown man, presumably one of hers… but their bodies are clean. No medallions, no treasures, no weapons even. They were clearly——

An arrow shoots past Hahn's head. Another hits Kat in the shoulder. —-ambushed…

Arrows and goblins alike come rushing out of the woods onto the trail. While Malark and Kat take some damage, Rissa goes into a full blown rage and kills a goblin with one hit. The rest of the party comes to and goes into attack mode. Multiple goblins are killed, but one, after getting hit with one of Hahn's arrows goes running off into the woods, clearly giving a direction which the group must follow… however, it's been a long day, and the party has suffered their first wounds from this venture, they must rest. During the night's watch, Kat notices a pair of red eyes staring at the party from a distance; could be more goblins, could be wolves, but this group needs to rest and learn from the encounter they just experienced. Keeping a watchful eye on the woods, Kat doesn't wake anyone.

The next morning the group, well rested and healed decides to follow where the goblin took off to. Thankfully, they can depend on Hahn's resourcefulness in the woods to help track the direction of the goblin. Not too long after they began, they come across a river, and a few members of the group distinctly hear goblin mutterings across the water, though the rushing waves are too loud to actually make out what they might be saying. As the group plans their attack, Kat climbs into the stream, hiding behind a thicket in hopes that she can see how many goblins they might be up against this time. She successfully sneaks up to the water's edge, and can see there are only two goblins outside of a cave, where the river seems to begin. She motions to the party: "two" and hops onto the bank to silently stab one in the back with her rapier. The group comes across the water in their first sneak attack, and honestly, the first break they've had since they started. The goblin left is crying, pitiful, begging to not be killed. Rissa wouldn't be happier if she could chop him up with her axe here and now… but the group agrees they need information about the cave they're about to go into. After getting the information required: there are wolves, more goblins, and the head of their group, a Bugbear named Klarg. In return for this information, they do not kill this goblin, but hogtie him up and gag him, leaving him outside of the cave. (He could be of use later…)

The cave is dark. Thankfully, Korag, Rissa and Hahn have dark vision and can guid the rest of the party. There are a few wolves chained up near the entrance, but they pay these new visitors no mind as they continue on their way. Sadly, the group can't be stealthy enough to make it through the caves without being noticed by a goblin on the bride, who raises alarm and screams "Let the waters run!" The group hears a loud rush of water heading their way, only Kat can scramble enough on the edge to save herself from being taken by the water, and a few of the party sustain minimal damage; but continue on their way. Again, a goblin hears them; and again, raises alarm; and again the party hears, "Let the waters run second time!!!!!" Most of the party is ready for the second rush of waves, but somehow Hahn missed the signal, and he's pushed back out of the cave. The party must wait on him to regain his balance and come back to the group.

After finally making it past the bridge with no trouble, the party encounters a pair of goblins that they take out easily in one of the cave's hallways. They know, from the goblin outside, that they are close to finding Klarg. They go into a room where they find the leader along with two of his goblin servants. A lengthy battle follows, with Korag having to use most of his healing to help the party from dying from this worthless trio. Rissa goes into a fury and hits Klarg with her battle axe, bloodying him well, and he retaliates by causing a crunch blow to her shoulder. Malark casts a spell so powerful, that it throws one goblin against the wall and kills kim. Klarg is taken aback by the skill of these warriors. He turns to Malark after that blinding attack, points his axe at him and says, "You… I kill you…" and falls over, dead.

The other goblin in the corner throws his weapons down in sheer joy. He literally jumps up and down from excitement that these beings have come to save him… again, Rissa is ready to kill this goblin as well; but the group, ever resourceful, needs more information. Yes, they've killed Klarg, the leader of this cave. But they haven't found the medallion, or the other members of the museum security. The goblin, Booyah, wants to help them in their quest, in return for, you know… not dying. In frustration, Rissa cuts off the head of Klarg, giving her little satisfaction. Kat thinks hard about how they can defeat the other goblins in the cave without risking more injury to the party. "His head," she says… "we take his clothes, we wear them, we put his head above our own and go into the barracks, intimidating them to the point where they don't notice that it's not actually Klarg." Kat has used a disguise or two before, but the intimidation, well, she's not entirely sure—— "I'll do it!" Malark replies. "I can intimidate anyone, let me go in there and scare these little goblins!" After some discussion, the party decides it's best to let Booyah go and get the second in command of the cave. Of course, not alone, never alone. Hahn follows him to the barracks with an arrow pointed at his back. "Um… Klarg… he want to see you! NOW!" Booyah yells. The goblin rolls his eyes, but follows the instructions. In Klarg's accommodations, Malark sits in wait. As he opens the door, he looks at Klarg-Malark, slightly confused, but before he can mutter a word, Kat's rapier slides in his belly, and an arrow from Hahn takes him out as easily as a knife cuts through butter.

The group decides to head down to the barracks, with Booyah following close to Hahn. Malark rolls in the heads of Klarg and the other goblin… the few goblins that remain are confused, and before they even have the chance to be scared, the party rushes in for a quick fight to finish them off. Somehow, in the fray, Kat gets a little too excited and as she starts to attack with her rapier, she finds it sliding away from her fingers and away to the opposite wall. Thankfully, the rest of the party is there, to dispatch of the goblins before Kat takes too much damage.

After killing the remaining goblin party, Kat hears a distinct, human voice in the next room, and rushes over to find Sildar Hallwinter, the second of the museum security guards sent on this party. Barely hanging on to life, Kat looks around for a sign of help, but the party has used up most of their potions and healing spells. Booyah gets excited, his one shot to prove he's with them now, and rushes over to a bunk, crawls underneath, and uncovers a health potion for Sildar.

Once Sildar is safe to move, he requests to be taken to Dalinphan, the nearby quiet village, to rest. It is there that our party also rests. Hahn stays outside, where he is more comfortable and where he can watch Booyah safely, as well as his no longer hogtied companion, Cauf.

The group rests peacefully, but in the night, Kat hears Rissa talking in her sleep… these words… over and over again. Does Kat bring it up to her new friend? Does she tell anyone what she hears? Does Hahn kill the goblins during the night? …. only the morning will tell.


The Missing Medallion
What did he say?

Date:  16 Therendor, 1021 YK, Late afternoon

The five members of this new party followed Majet to the Passage Museum. There wasn't much talk as the party followed her into the director's office…
Nomis is currently speaking to a half-elf. The elf says, "Right, we head south on the 'morrow. Ahh, I do love relic hunting."  His features make him handsome and his short goatee gives him a sense of adventure and ruggedness. However, he is dressed quite unlike anyone embarking on an adventure – the finest of finery and a three-pointed hat. A rapier hangs at his side.  

Nomis notices your entrance. "Majet! You found some willing souls! Allow me to introduce… the half-elf cuts him off. "No, no, the pleasure is mine. Halas Martain, explorer, relic hunter and some say, braggart. It's probably true. Well, I must be off! Apparently, the drow I'm currently in contact with have a lead on a medallion. If we're lucky, the other one your looking for, Nomis. Ho ho! I'd say you selected the correct explorer for this one, no?! Ha ha!" And off he went… sure, there was probably more that was said, but does anyone truly need to hear the "legendary" Halas Martain tell his tales of adventuring anymore? Probably not.

"So," Kat said, "you need help in addition to Halas it seems?" Nomis chuckled, having known all along that Kat couldn't resist a new challenge, and he had assumed Korag and Malark would be in, as he had gotten to know them over the last couple of weeks. "Yes, Kat… I mean, no. But yes," Nomis replied, "Halas is on the hunt for a 2nd medallion that is a mate of the first. It hasn't been seen for hundreds of years, so we believe. However, As you may remember, one of our most precious artifacts, the other medallion, was stolen from the museum a few weeks ago; and, well, to be honest, we need to find it. It is most valuable, one of the only ones of its kind. Kat, as the head of security, we feel you would be a good fit for this venture. And…well… we were hoping we could get a group together to go find it…?" He said it, and yet asked it, with a true begging nature to his voice. For the first time in this party of five, the ranger, Hahn, spoke up: "I say this with respect; but, how did this item go missing? And under the watch of your Head of Security?" Before Kat could respond with what was sure to be a sarcastic, witty comment, Nomis chuckled, "Oh, no no… The item went missing about a couple of weeks before Kat started working here. She actually caught a thief on her first day!"

Nomis went on to tell the party about the medallion. He had a drawing of it to show the party, the best he could do under these circumstances. The history and worth of it, however, he could not say. It was rare, to say the least, only one or two of its kind. It was an ancient medallion with rare gems and a beautiful relic. He said they had information from a trusted source that Lyla Nimblefingers Krandall had broken into the museum with two of her men and stolen it, among other valuable items. The task was simple, follow the path Lyla was known to take, get back the medallion and any other items that belonged to the museum, and keep whatever else the party found. For a successful return of the medallion, the members of the party would receive 200 gold pieces… each. However, well… they had sent a search party out before, right after the medallion was stolen. The group hadn't returned. With weeks passing, it was time to send out another party, a party who…hopefully wouldn't fail at the task. The group agreed to the terms and spent the rest of the evening in the Lucky Halfling, trying to get to know one another as best they could before the next morning.

Morning came quickly, and the group was out on the road. They took the Lightning Rail to Fairhaven, only a couple of hours worth of a journey, and then set out on foot, following the map given to them by Nomis and Majet. Along the way, they met Lanthor Lincicome, an elderly man who lived in a small house on the way to Dalinphan. Lanthor was able to recall Lyla and her men, as well as a group of three that had followed not but a few days after. He warned the party about continuing on their quest. There were wolves, goblins, and other unsavory creatures out there. The new dwarf with the party, Rissa she called herself, scoffed at the thought, as if saying, "What could a mere wolf or goblin do to me that my battle axe couldn't do before they got to me?" After the group essentially agreed (they were here to be their own heroes for whatever reason brought them, of course), something odd happened. The old man looked at each of them. No, he stared them down. No… he looked into their souls. And he made a comment to each one. Each comment more confusing than the last, but just the same, they seemed to resonate with each member of the party. It was if he could see what each of them was looking for, not just the medallion, or Lyla, or the other members of museum security, but could actually see their intentions beyond this simple quest… whether or not they were truly shaken by his comments, the party did not mention; however, they continued on in search of Lyla and the Medallion.

The Lucky Halfling Brings Together a Group of Five...

Date: 16 Therendor, 1021 YK

Setting: Passage, Aundair, Khorvair
Location: The Lucky Halfling Tavern – owned by the well-known halfling, Amaron Athelfrith, one of the members of The Loaded Dice, a heroic group who essentially saved the world as we know it from destruction.
The Players:
- Hahn, human ranger, new to the area
- Malark, Bard, spending time in Passage
- Kat, human/eladrin rogue, current head of security at the Passage Museum
- Rissa, Dwarf Barbarian, also new to the area
- Korag, Dwarf Cleric, brewer of fine ales, Cleric of Onatar

Our Story Begins…

Korag, Malark and Kat sit around their usual table, having their usual ale, usual conversation. Kat considered these men to be her friends, but truly, she did not know them. They were new to the city, and that was saying something considering she had only been there for a few weeks. Korag had come into the Passage Museum one day, wondering at the fine relics of ancient times, and Kat struck up a conversation. It was important to her to find a friendly face beyond Nomis and Majet; the director and curator at the museum. As luck would have it, one of the first days she traveled into the museum to look around, she was able to catch a thief lurking around in one of the broom closets. It would take a lot for someone to hide from her… especially a silly teenaged human trying to make good on a dare. But it was enough to convince Nomis that she should be hired on as the Head of Security at the museum. Only a few days in, and there was Korag, a dwarf cleric who seemed interested in anything having to do with historical artifacts; and therefore, the museum was an interest in general. And then there was Malark. He came into town not but a day or two after Korag, and seemed like a good man. Very excited to share his bardic inspiration with the world, and possibly a kind enough man to keep company with in this town. And so it began, an unusual and uncommon friendship to say the least, but you took what you could get these days. And while not one of them truly knew the other, it was company, and a nice group to have a drink with at the end of a day.

So, as it were, the three friends… "friends"? were sitting at their usual table, having their usual drink, but something was special about this night. It's not that Passage was a small city, nor one to ignore on a map: the lake! the museum! The Lucky Halfling Tavern! This city was going places; however, it wasn't a common place to find what any typical hero would typically look for. Which is why you probably don't find your typical heroes here… a half human/half Eladrin randomly working head security at the museum; a cleric, who's taste for war got him stuck in a cleric's robe, for reasons beyond what he could see at the time; and a bard, who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Something…yes, special! The door opened slowly in the Lucky Halfling and in walked a human… a ranger. Most probably didn't notice him, it wasn't his way to be noticed when walking into a tavern… or anywhere for that matter. He slowly moved over to the bar to have a drink. It wasn't until he made a quiet cough like sound that Alarissa even noticed him. Kat had noticed, however, but had paid him no mind. All kinds of kinds came into the bar every now and then, most hoping to be lucky enough to meet Amaron Athelfrith himself, though he had a chain of taverns around Eberron and it was few and far between that he was actually staying in one of them. Kat turned back to Malark and Korag, hoping to have a quiet evening before returning to her room for the night. But then… then the door boomed open not too long after. It didn't take Kat's skills at noticing details to see the dwarf in the blue cloak and the battle axe seemingly attached to her arm. The dwarf walked directly to the hearth and sat down, appearing to warm herself by the fire, even though it seemed that it would take more than a tavern hearth to warm whatever cold this dwarf was harboring.

Korag looked around the room, causing Kat to look around the room, causing Malark… well, yes, you get the idea. The Stein. Anyone who knew ANYTHING about current history knew of the stein. The Stein o' Foe Bashin', as it was known, was currently sitting in a case behind the bar. Kat sighed… she knew this night was going to be interesting enough already, and was ready to retire for the evening, after one last drink. The Stein of Foe Bashing was Amaron's shield… and could also serve as a weapon next to his lethal rapier. Already a legendary, magical shield, the members of the party knew what was coming.

And just like that, a little man came sliding down the staircase. The room lit up, probably literally, as it was Amaron Athelfrith himself who was sliding into the main room of the tavern. He usually had to have some form of a show just to appease his many fans. Kat sighed again. She was hoping she could stay away from any member of The Loaded Dice for as long as possible. Yes, they were famous. Yes, they had saved "the world". She knew all the stories, she had heard all the songs proclaiming their victories… but couldn't they just retire happily without making a fuss about it?! It wasn't too long before a patron begged Athelfrith for a song. He denied that he would do such a thing: "Urgent business to attend to, urgent business, but thank you all for coming!" The small crowd begged even more: "A song! A song!" The little bard chuckled, "Oh no, you lot wouldn't want to hear of my…well, okay!" and then he began. A beautiful, yet sad tale. "The Ballad of Aurora" as it was known in the land. To be fair, it was his original work, but it was years old at this point and who hadn't heard this song by this bard by now? But it was a crowd favorite, and would be highly unusual to not get a few tears and a large applause at the end of his ballad.

The crowd was pleased, the drink was flowing, Amaron was his happy little self, walking around the room to make sure his patrons were tasting his ale to tell him how amazing it was. Kat lowered her head in hopes of not having a conversation with him, but that didn't stop him from making his way round to the table of the three:
"How are you enjoying—- oh, hello. Haven't I met you before?" the halfling asked Kat.
"No, I don't believe so," she said, drinking more of her ale than she probably needed.
They made polite introductions with the owner of the finest ale in Eberron, the world even. Amaron even seemed to be appeased that the cleric said his ale "wasn't too bad". Damn Korag… still too proud to admit he hadn't found whatever secret ingredient was missing in his own microbrewed ales, he had only gotten third place in Korth's annual beer festival after all. Lucky for him, Amaron was in a happy… and forgiving mood that evening, and left the party to be with his family, who traveled his tavern chains to appease the people and must have had an "early morning" to rest up for.

Not long after, the tavern doors opened again. What was going on this evening? Word must have gotten out that Athelfrith was here—-

"Is there anyone here up for an adventure… of sorts? Possibly dangerous, but ahem well worth the reward!…. Anyone?" – It was Majet, curator at the Passage Musuem. She looked over at Kat with a hope she would stand. Kat looked at her counterparts, "Might as well find something new to do." As she stood up with Malark and Korag, she took notice that the dwarf and the ranger were also walking towards the door. Majet breathed a sigh of relief, "Great! Just great! Follow me, please."

The Relic Hunters
The adventure begins!

Five adventurers find themselves in the employ of the Passage Museum in Aundair.  They are seeking the recovery of a stolen medallion. The group travels by lightning rail to Fairhaven and then begin a trek northward hot on the trail of Lila Crandall…. the adventure begins!


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